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+1571 298-1500 Customer Support

Nothing. There are no registration fees for buyers or sellers. Did you also know that not all farmers, ranchers and other buyers are not on Facebook? This is why you should diversify from just using social media. We will post you though to our FB page of 25,000 plus followers but you need more than just FB. With us your listing will be found in the search engines and you can post your link from Livestock.com to any social media page or group that you want!

Yes you really can run classified ads with no fees with us and yes you can run your own private sell by bid classified as well. We’re not talking about advertising a bid sale someplace else, we mean you can place your own real sell by bid classified on Livestock.com and start taking bids on our platform!

Cost specifics are explained here. Costs can also be found within your Account Information Page by logging in to your personal “My Account” pages.

Yes. Your transactions and all communications and actions are protected by the latest encryption technology. Mkglobalfood.com will always show the green padlock in your browser address bar we are always 100% https secure!

You have several options: We offer a quick search form on the front page for you to enter keywords to search. We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria. We offer browsing filters when you are browsing by category. If you already know what you are looking for you can browse the categories listed on the left side of the site’s pages.

Yes. You can maintain your own “favorites” list within your account. Each listing on our site has an “add to favorites” link. Simply click that link and we will add that item to your favorites list.

You can set up search filters within your account area. Our site will then screen all new listings, as they are placed on the site, and if an item is listed that meets your filter (search) criteria, we will automatically send you an email notification.

We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller’s listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer’s questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous as can the buyer.

It’s very easy to add a listing for either your own private live sell by bid classified on our platform or your own regular classified ad. Please just follow these simple steps, it’s a little different if doing from a laptop or desktop computer than a mobile phone. Please see the steps below for each device:

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Address: 5999 Stevenson Ave, Suite 340, Alexandria VA 22304

Phone: +1571 298-1500

Email: info@mkglobalfood.com