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+1571 298-1500 Customer Support

Who We Are

we Linxerve is a leading global e-business consulting and integration firm. We specialize in web design services, multimedia, print media and web branding solutions.

We listen, hear and understand your needs. We then use our unique design framework and methodologies to help you realize your imaginary world. Our team is passionate and has a wealth of experience to help you get where you want to be. Our work job is to translate you dream into a reality.

Corporate Profile

Linxerve, LLC is a Virginia based small minority owned business incorporated in 2013 under the premise to linking existing and emerging technologies as to service our clients’ needs. We offer leading-edge business and technology integrator focusing on developing solutions and strategies that help companies increase their revenues and maximize customer relationships. We are a leading integrator of IT and AV solutions to maximize customer satisfaction.

We are committed to be there before, during after services are been rendered. We are proud to have a talented pool of experienced professionals who are keeping up with the ever-changing technological landscape. We are offer varieties of result oriented, innovative technologies to keep up with market demand.

What Makes US Unique

We know that software alone doesn’t make a system. So we work with other AV & IT Integrator’s to design and deploy complete digital signage solutions specific to our customers need.

We and our Partners offer:

  • Technical expertise in AV and networking technologies
  • Design/build experience for countless environments
  • Commitment to service excellence
  • Experienced Installation team

Our Project Approach:

  • Conduct a comprehensive needs analysis
  • Conduct site discovery if need be
  • Develop user practices for efficiencies
  • Create measurable digital signage campaigns
  • Conduct A/B testing and provide statistical results

Provide recommendations for audience engagement

Our Clients

We provide services to a wide range of clients in different fields. We forge partnership with our client before, during and after service are been provided.

Our Partners

Linxerve has a longstanding partnership with various learning and IT and Event technology service providers and equipment providers.

Management Personnel

Our management team is a group of professionals from enormous experiences with background in management, Human Resource, IT and Event technology management.

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Contact us

Address: 5999 Stevenson Ave, Suite 340, Alexandria VA 22304

Phone: +1571 298-1500

Email: info@mkglobalfood.com